About Us

Comedy Meets Nonsense Shopping

If you have not been to one of our live shows... one stop and you will get what that means. Its sassy, funny and classy. You will laugh till you spit your drink. Shopping should be fun. Easy. We got you covered.

Welcome to our variety store of fun. We have been a live video since 2016. Family owned and run. We live in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. You can shop anytime in our website catalog or daily on live video Facebook. It all started with clothes. Ending a 25-year teaching career from our dining room. In 2020 we added snacks, candy, gifts and more. Since than we have exploded with everything. Including pallets. As a little girl growing up in New York City. I wanted to be in Wonka land and Oz.

Theres me, Anna. Brad, the shipping master and my haute husband. Who left the golf industry to help me make this shop into a dream. Mason our teen. Walter our little guy. 

I studied theater and acted. Trained in retail, collectibles, teaching and psychology. I grew up in NYC. On breaks I would go help on my grandparent’s commercial chicken farm in NC. I did some acting and modeling. I changed to a vocational school. Learning the education field and corporate world at the same time. After graduating Valedictorian and a small few years in Sarasota, FL. I put myself thru college while working. Later I went to school in Upstate New York. Helped run children’s programs and worked for DCF. Next, I returned to NYC. Teaching, working in bakeries, health food stores and the fashion district. I ended up on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts for five years. Owning a Sports Card and Memorabilia store. After the market changed. The store closed. The next adventure took me to the south east coast of Florida. I continued selling antiques, vintage and doing appraisals while teaching. I lived on the treasure coast for over twenty years. With a small stop in New York. Began raising my first son. Met my husband on online dating. We began our first move the Palm Beaches, were gifted with another beautiful son and there the business began. I was burned out of teaching after 25 years. We ordered clothing and turned on the camera. Since than we have moved again in Florida, Arizona, Las Vegas Area and Utah. The adventure is always fun. We found my birth family the year we arrived in Utah in Wisconsin. The journeys come to us. We are currently living every day to make memories and bring you boxes of smiles.

We love all things delicious. Candles and food alike. Vintage has been a joy since I was a little girl. Growing up digging the dumpsters and thrifting with my mom. As an adoptee from birth. I have always wanted to find my story. Which is the same idea with the vintage and antiques I source. Even bringing nostalgia with candy to someone’s soul. Our children love to help. The name Wally is for our youngest and the sweets is for our oldest. We cannot wait to meet you on the live show.